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Avid travelers as well as tourists will find in jarabacoatours.com  basic, up-to-date, reliable information about Jarabacoa itself and the surrounding areas written in English. 

Long undiscovered by tourists, this mountain hideaway is now very popular for its ecotourism, as well as its new road access to Constanza, and as the gateway to Pico Duarte.  The area's spring-like weather and the outstanding beauty of its mountains provide the perfect setting for any activity.
Information is provided about hotels and other accommodations in the area. Whether this is for a short visit or a longer stay in Jarabacoa, many options are available and offer a wide range of locations and prices.
Likewise, tours were selected for newcomers visiting the area's beautiful rivers and waterfalls, as well as daredevils trying out hang gliding or rock climbing,based on experienced and trustworthy guides, with a proven track record of service. 
Essential for transportation to and in Jarabacoa, selections include shuttles which can bring you from other parts of the island, as well as knowledgeable drivers for hire in Jarabacoa, taxis, and car rentals. 
While it is impossible to guarantee your enjoyment, attention was given to every detail to make your visit an unforgettable experience which will surely bring you back to Jarabacoa.
And, if your heart desires to have an item which spells Jarabacoa, the online store caters to anyone around the world. Shipping is available in and out of the area, with a great selection of choices.
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